Shade Guides 

Classic Shade Guide

Vitapan Classical Shade Guide

The VITA classical Shade Guide is the most widely used shade system with more than 40 years of worldwide recognition.

Chromascop Shade Guide

Chromascop is the universal shade guide for the innovative Ivoclar Vivadent product range. Twenty chromatically arranged shades make shade selection within the wide range of Ivoclar Vivadent products quicker and more accurate. The practice-oriented Chromascop shade guide is the ideal working tool for dental professionals.

Ivoclar also offers the Chromascop bleach shade guide, consisting of four shades, for patients whose teeth are whiter than shades offered in the traditional Chromascop shade guide.

Vita Toothguide 3D-Master Shade Guide

Vita Toothguide 3D-Master Shade Guide

The Vita Toothguide 3D-Master shade guide makes it easy to determine the natural shade of teeth with great accuracy.

Bleached Shade Guide

The Vita Bleached Shade Guide makes it easy to accurately determine the shade of bleached teeth employing the same principles as the Vita Toothguide.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 easy steps to determine tooth shade
  • Accurate determination of tooth shade
  • Easy comparison
  • Precisely definition of tooth shades
  • Easy to learn
Vita Bleachedguide 3D-Master Shade Guide

Vita Bleachedguide 3D-Master Shade Guide

The Vita Bleachedguide 3D-Master makes it easy and simple to plan and monitor the tooth whitening process. The shade guide uses three parameters to define shade: brightness (value), chroma (saturation), and hue (color). The Bleached guide also incorporates all 29 shade levels defined by the American Dental Association (ADA). Furthermore, it includes new intermediate shade tabs that make measuring the bleaching process even more precise.